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over the years i collected a lot of pictures and forgot where they were from or what exactly they were. finally i decided to start posting these pictures with a small commentary.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Big Pharoah posted the above picture found here of Iranian students protesting the theocratic rule by the Mullahs

money line is

The angry students chanted:

Freedom, freedom, our inalienable right, nuclear energy is the regime’s “craft”.

System of supremacy must be abolished, Khamenei the supreme leader should be executed.

Kabul yesterday, today Baghdad, Tehran tomorrow

We want neither Sheikh nor mullah, we curse the Spirit of Ruhollah [Khomeini]

“What, what are the use of your slogans, we want justice, water and bread

Death to dictators

Death on the Islamic Republic

Student dies, does not accept disgrace

Students also referred to recent demonstration of their fellow students in cities around the Azerbaijan province and chanted: "Tabrizi, Tabrizi, we stand behind you..."


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